Delivery Plan

As the Living Edge vision is a large development, there is a requirement for it to be constructed in stages to reduce the impact on the city itself, but also on the people living in the area and the businesses who will be required to relocate.

This section of this report will outline a proposal for the delivery of the Living Edge using three key delivery plans. All three delivery plans will run in parallel with each to allow for a smooth construction of the vision. The three plans are as follows;

  • The Living Edge Phased Development Plan

  • Key Building Delivery Plan

  • Sea Defence Implementation Plan

More information about the Delivery Plan can be found in the Business Case Report.

The Living Edge Phased Development Plan

The delivery of the Living Edge will be completed in six phases. Each phase sets out a key outcome for where the development should be at the phase completion and progression point. It is important that each phase is carried out with little or no impact on the existing buildings and infrastructure of the city. There is no set time frame for each phase. Each phase has been developed to be a singular project which can be completed and used without being impacted by any other phases.