The proposed site is located at the north-east end of the site, near Seaton. The idea behind this concept is to create rows of apartments on a simple grid alongside individual plots for the users to plant their own crops to harvest. Pedestrianised linkages and service roads are created between the flats and gardens on spaces that are mostly shaded for most parts of the day. As the design is intended to be a ‘car-less neighbourhood’, parking spaces are not provided for the apartments.

The aim of this project is to create social housing which also allows the community to sustain themselves by growing their own crops of choice. Other than that, the southern part of the apartment has a terrace that functions as a conservatory, where it will be able to maximise the efficiency of the sun by trapping the warmth and also diffuse light into the building. The bedrooms are located on the north side of the building as it has more privacy and will normally be used at night, reducing the need for sunlight.

Garden City | Esther Lim

Garden City

Esther Lim

Trust the Edge - A proposal for the relocation of Transition Extreme.


When the stories, formed by experiences in challenging urban activity, help us to thrive, grow and create the ever- changing City of Aberdeen.


Transition Extreme is a multi award winning youth charity engaging with young people via participation in extreme sports and related art and music activities, open to everyone. With reduced economic/industrial reliance on Oil, Aberdeen faces challenges associated with areas of social deprivation and the need to grow a confident, resilient, skilled population adapting to new industry, a new future.

Relocation to Aberdeen’s “Living Edge” on Aberdeen’s waterfront enables the project to become better integrated with other leisure/ sport facilities and with the areas of population density that it serves Seaton. This location helps re-define boundaries and barriers in transforming lives.

The Design

The punctured facade invites people to look inside; transitioning between the outside and inside spaces.


On the inside, the building reveals more of its purpose; the central core shaped as a Ravine, with the cavernous walls naturally supporting the climbing walls which are the main focus of activities for the project.

With an expansive glass façade and roof structure the building is infused with natural light creating an atmosphere that is conducive to the activities and purpose of the buildings.

The Cavernous climbing wall integrates with and naturally supports light, adaptable, polycarbonate volume on two sides to offer activity and exhibition arenas, able to accommodate a range of activities, e.g, from bouldering to indoor football. The ambition of the building mirrors the ambition of transition extreme, to provide experiences which support growth and change, transforming lives and those same individuals transforming Aberdeen.

The project aims to:

- Harness the raw energy of young people in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.

- Increase participation in sports from childhood to adulthood – engaging those not attracted to conventional sports.

- Provide an exciting diversionary facility which supports initiatives to reduce crime, substance abuse and antisocial behaviour.

- Engage young people that are disengaged from traditional forms of education, harnessing their raw energy through sport and   projecting this towards positive outcomes.