Aberdeen’s waterfront has large potential for development, but it is also a landmark and asset to the City of Aberdeen. This vast landscape hosts one of the oldest golf courses in the region but also one of the busiest roads at rush hour. It is home to the Ice Rink, the Beach Leisure Centre, the Ballroom and Aberdeen’s historical fairground. A place where many Aberdonian’s have built cherished memories. What does the future hold for this area? 

As a collective, Unit One underwent a three-month period of substantial research to develop a greater understanding of Aberdeen as a whole: its history, its opportunities, its strengths, its weaknesses and its threats. The outcome of this research: a vision – labelled the Living Edge. An architectural response to define the boundaries between the urban and the natural environment in Aberdeen, as a method of connectivity between the two but with the wider benefit of protecting our coastline and our city for the future.

The £2 Billion transformation of Aberdeen Waterfront, spanning 220 hectares from Donmouth to the harbour, will follow a thirty-year delivery plan to implement a new sea defence system to protect the city for the future, bring new tourism to the city and create a place for the people to feel they belong.